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I play this game with my secondary school students (suitable for at least 8 people in the group). Its a great one to get everyone out of their seats and to be involved.

Basically, list 5 random nouns on the board. It is best to include at least one object, person, and location. E.g. Michael Jackson, toilet (seat), umbrella, desk, pet store.

The more random, the better. Put students into groups of four/five. Have them make a skit (act out a story) using those five nouns. Remind them to be creative. Give them 10 minutes to prepare. Allow the students to use props found in the room. Again, remind them to use their immagination!

If they are having trouble, give them some ideas. Perhaps 'Michael Jackson is singing during his concert and he suddenly needs to go to the toilet! He quickly finishes his song and rushes off the stage to the nearest bathroom. All the stalls are full....' This is normally enough for the students to get the idea.

Have fun!

Siuling, Hong Kong

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