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The grammar words game

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It occurred to me while I was trying to get my students (the intermediate level) to learn the grammar words. Here is the game:

Divide the class into two teams or more, according to how big the class is. It wouldn't matter having groups of threes or up to fives. Then you explain the task: One student from each group will come to the board, you will give him/her a simple sentence in English, and he/she has to explain it to his/her group using grammar words and definitions without saying any of its words. Here is an example:

If you give the student the following sentence:
The teacher told us to be quiet.
The student is supposed to explain this way:
The sentence is seven words: The first word is the definite article..
(Here, the group is supposed to guess that it is "THE")
The second word is a noun, it means the person who teaches a class.
The third word is a verb in simple past, it means...

and so on.

Try to use simple sentences at the beginning, and then go up according to your class level.


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