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Simple future palm reading

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Before class, trace your hand and draw some of the deeper lines on the hand on it. Write what the lines "mean" -- it doesn't have to be real palmistry. For example, one line can be "health," another "happiness," etc. Especially amusing for my Chinese kids was the line that is often broken into several lines down the middle of the palm that I said related to how many boyfriends/girlfriends you would have and the folds between the thumb and first finger that indicated how many children you would have.

Photocopy it so that there's one page for each student.

Tell the students that they will predict the future for another classmate. Explain that a deep line on one's hand means that they will be very ... -- a deep "health" line means that they will be very healthy, etc.

They pair up and then one student tells the other one's fortune.

At the end of class, they report to the rest of the class their partner's future. They really like doing this, especially when they get to say that their partner will have seven children or twelve boyfriends.

My kids had a great time with this lesson.


Mandy G.
Kashgar, Xinjiang, China
[email protected]

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