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Should have presentation from Nazo

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Dear Teachers,
Here is a grammar presentation activity for the grammar item: should have + V3.

A photo of 2 friends and a plastic bag.
Before the activity: For For this activity, you need to have a photo of 2 of your friends; one female friend and one male friend. My story is a real one but some parts of it are exaggerated and some facts are made up.
Step 1:
Teacher shows the class a photo of two of her friends: Yusuf and Fatma.
Yusuf: . He is an assistant professor at a university but does not care about what he wears or about his hair style. He is not only shy but also very quiet. He is older than Fatma
Fatma: Fatma is a pharmacist and she is very beautiful. She is at least 15 years younger that Yusuf.

Step 2:
Teacher starts to tell the story of Yusuf and Fatma:
“One day, I was on a trip to Capacodia in Turkey with a group of friends. Yusuf and Fatma were also there. Yusuf fancied Fatma a lot and asked me to talk to her about this because he is a very shy person.
So, I talked to her but she didn’t want to date him because she told me he was not her type. I told all this to him and he said: “Eventually, she will be mine, don’t worry Nazan”
When we returned form our trip, Yusuf didn’t give up and went to Fatma’s house and asked her father: “Can I ask your daughter’s hand in marriage?” In many traditional Turkish families, the guy’s family asks the father of the girl to have permission to marry the girl. There is a whole ceremony attached to this.

Step 3:
After telling this story the teacher asks the class: “Do you think Fatma’s father accepted it? The answer is :NO

Step 4:
Next question: What do you think went wrong. Students come up with answers:
• Yusuf didn’t wear a proper suit.
• He didn’t bring a bunch of flowers to the family.
• He didn’t buy a box of chocolate.
• He went there on his own, rather than going there with his father and mother and even grandfather.

Step 5:
After the teacher has written all Yusuf’s mistakes on the board, the class is asked to give advice to Yusuf.
The teacher elicits what students already know about how to give advice in the present and future. E.g., I have a terrible headache / You should take an aspirin.

Step 6: The presentation is followed up by asking students to write their own mistake from the past on a small piece of paper. E.g., I shouted at my brother and hit him last week. The teacher collects all the papers in a bag and redistributes them to students. Make sure they don’t get their own paper back.
Everybody is asked to write a piece of advice in the past to that person: ……..SHOULD HAVE /SHOULDN’T HAVE + V3

Step 7:

The teacher collects them back again and reads out the sentences that students have produced and asks everybody at this stage to make a guess: Who do you think made this mistake?

P.S: Students always ask what really happened to Yusuf and Fatma. Here is the story. They eventually (after 5 years) got married and moved to a small city in Turkey where Yusuf started working as a history professor and Fatma opened her own pharmacy. They now have two kids and are very happily married.

Have fun
Nazan Ozcinar
Sabanci University
[email protected]

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