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Holidays From Hell

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I found this idea for my advanced level students but in reality it could work for most levels. Almost everybody at some point or other has had a bad holiday experience, which can be used as a warmer. Then surf the net for some really interesting holiday from hell stories, the worse the better. Particularly cases where the holidaymakers are seeking compensation.

So what you do is use the story to your benefit. Divide the class into 2 groups and create a court style hearing. One group is the holiday makers who are demanding full compensation, while the other group are the holiday company who must try to resist the holidaymakers demands. I only have a small class so I confined my students to being their legal counsel, but if the class is larger you can be more creative by having students pretending to be the holidaymakers themselves and they recount their stories as witnesses. You can be the judge and decide at the end which side has argued the best.

Debates can get quite lively and you will be guaranteed lots of laughter as the students really get into their roles.

Gareth, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

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