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Survival of the Fittest

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This is a game I learned in a Psychology class, but it also works really well for teaching ESL. The game is a take on Survivor. The idea is that your students have survived a plane crash/ship wreck and are stranded on a leaky lifeboat. Every hour one person has to be thrown out.

The game is played by having the students sit in a circle. They have with them on the boat anything they may have in their school bag, as well as their own personal skills and qualities. They must go around and say why they should stay in, ex. I know how to navigate using the stars, or I dont weigh much, so it makes no sense to throw me out. After you have gone around the circle, the students have a chance to vote one person out. Then it begins again, but the catch is that no one can repeat a reason that has been used in a previous round. This makes for some pretty interesting reasons to stay in!

Also, students who notice that they are about to be voted out can try and convince the class that the skill they mentioned was really important or try and persuade them that someone else's reason was less valid.

This game generates a lot of talk, and is lots of fun! Good luck~

Valkeakoski, Finland

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