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Some Like It Hot

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I use the final scene from Some Like It Hot with my first year speaking students (18+) in our unit on movies. The main aim of the exercise is to get the students working on stress and intonation patterns.

Students are divided into pairs and each have a copy of the dialogue minus the last four lines. They work together on the dialogue, creating the last four lines of dialogue themselves.

It’s usually a lot of fun in class, with each pair of students competing to make their dialogue as dramatic and exiting as possible. Usually at least one pair in the class will guess the ‘twist’ at the end, but it never detracts from the fun. I round off the lesson by playing the scene for them (available on You Tube – search for Some Like It Hot Nobody’s Perfect)

If anyone wants a copy of dialogue, just send me a mail at [email protected]

Sarah Feather

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