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Five years ago

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I got this idea from another teacher. I've had amazing result with this game. You can play this activity with children 10-100! I've even used it in my university speaking classes of 60 people!

Have the students take a scrap of paper. Tell them right away NOT to write their name on it.

On the board, write 3 sentences.

1) 5 years ago, I (for example, had 5 legs)

2) Now, I (for example, have 2 legs)

3) In 5 years, I (for example, have 4 legs)

Give them a few minutes to fill it out. Make sure they fold the paper in half, and hand it in to you. To show them how it works, I randomly pick out one paper, and read it to the class. Usually, it will get a lot of laughs. Try to guess what student wrote, if you have many students, have them simply raise their hand.

I've gotten many funny responses, like I was a boy, now I'm a girl, in 5 years, I will be a boy. The children find it incredibly amusing.

Another one was, 5 years ago, I had a girlfriend, now I have another girlfriend, in 5 years, I will have 2, etc.

You can also have them crumple up the paper, and just throw it on the floor, have students pick the papers then.

Have fun, try it, trust me, it's a BLAST!

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