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Jogging De-Crampifiers

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This one was inspired by my brother when we went for jogs together. To get our mind off of the pain of jogging we would tell eachother 10 things we were thankful for. This works great in the classroom too!!!
Its a great way to get students in a good mood and looking on the bright side of life, especially when students are living abroad.

Make sure to spark their creativity on this one. Prompt them with a few examples, (they could range from serious to funny) like: I have two legs to walk on, im thankful for them because I love jogging. Or, I dont have any holes in my socks today. Im very lucky. I had a wonderful breakfast this morning, Im lucky I can cook so well. ha ha. Something that gets them laughing. The idea is to create a positive working environment.

Get students in pairs to discuss with eachother and change partners. You could also encourage them to give 3 reasons why, so as to increase the length of their discussions. Ten examples is a lot but it forces them to think positively!!! Have fun with it!!

Juliane Pyper
Lacome, AB, Canada

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