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TwiSteR 2

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This is a variation on the Twister game for more advanced students.
It requires a tiled floor and two markers.
Each team draws a grid (Say 4*4 tiles in size) and writes the target language in a square as you say it (Ie: Modal verbs: Ss write Would, Could, Should etc..). One Student from each team is on the board. Teacher says: "Left foot, Could". The students on the board echo the teacher. The rest of the team sitting down must all say a sentence using "could" together. Every correct answer gets 1 point (only if the team says it together!!). When a student on the board falls over, that round is over. That team loses 3 points, and any teams not having answered at that point lose 2 points (encourages quick playing so poor students on the board dont have wait in an awkward position whilst their classmates deliberate!!)
Submitted by Malcolm in Hanoi, Vietnam

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