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This is a great warm up game suitable to many fluency levels, ages and target vocabulary types. It also requires no resources and encourages quick thinking. The game can be made as hard or easy as you wish. This is adapted from a Vietnamese schoolyard game so if you are in Vietnam the Students will know how to play already. Students form in to a circle. The teacher is the cowboy in the centre of the circle. Teacher makes a gun shape with their hand. Teacher points to a student (shoots them) and says the target vocab. This student ducks and the Students on either side of them must shoot each other with the answer. The first to say the vocab correctly wins, whilst the second is out. Some examples are:
Opposites bang: (Teacher points to a student and says "yes." Students on either side of the targeted student point to each other and say "NO!")
Adjective bang: (Point to a student and say "Tree". Students on either side say: "Green!" or "Tall!" etc..)
Adverbs Bang: (Point and say: "Ride a bike". Students say: "Slowly" (or "Ride a bike slowly!" for more advanced classes)
Or you could make it more advanced:
Modal Verbs with full sentence: (Ie: Teacher points and says: "Could, question." Students say "Could you close the door please?". Or Teacher says: "Could, statement". Students say: "I could close the door for you".
The teacher can control the game so the remaining two students are from opposing teams. When down to two students, they stand back to back and walk away from each other until teacher says the vocab (Ie: In opposites bang teacher says: "One, Two, Three, Four, Yesterday!". Students turn around and shoot each other after four steps saying "Tomorrow!"). Winning team gets the points/stars/stickers etc..
Submitted by Malcolm in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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