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Read my lips

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Level: Any
# of students: Any
Time: 2-5 minutes

Materials: Everyone must have the same written material, be it a printout, textbook, etc. (in English of course!)

I used this to teach my students the importance of body language; mostly looking at someone when they are speaking. A lot of times, students will have their faces buried in their textbook when I read, and I wanted to emphasize the power of reading lips.

I tell the students that I am going to read a passage from their textbook, but I'm not going to say anything, I'm just going to move my lips. The idea is for them to figure out what I read, just by watching me.

I add other types of body language, for example nodding my head if I say "no" etc. I was surprised to find that even my first year Junior High School students were able to figure out what I was saying!

What surprised me even more was how excited the students were when they realized what I was saying. Students that don't usually volunteer would have their hand up, proud that they knew what I was saying.

Although it is very short, it is good for a warmup and it got everyone paying attention and focused!

Jeff A.
Asuka, Japan

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