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Dressed to Impress

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I used this activity with fourth grade and sixth grade Chinese students. It worked well for both, but was easier and more successful with the older class. After teaching a lesson on articles of clothing out of the book and found that none of the new vocabulary was sticking to them, I ransacked my closet and the markets in town to find funny looking hats, pants, shoes, shirts, or any of the other objects the class was learning about. I brought them in and cleared the center of the classroom to make a runway. I asked for a brave volunteer and then took him out into the hallway and let him choose two or three peices to wear. When he came back into the classroom I turned on music and for 30 seconds or so he could strut his stuff in front of giggling classmates. Once the music stopped, the first person who raised their hand and could tell me what the dressed up student was wearing "Henry is wearing pink shoes, a green shirt, and a big yellow hat", s/he would be next to get a walk down the runway.

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