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First Driving Lesson

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Draw a circuit on the board, with a junction and alternative routes, leading back to the main circuit. Put in some hazards, eg hole in the road, traffic lights, pedestrian crossing etc.

Seat students in pairs, facing the board, one playing the instructor and the other the learner. The instructor gives instructions, eg 'Turn right at the lights, slow down a bit, check your mirror' etc. Get the driver to mime these actions.

The 'learner' asks questions, eg 'Shall I slow down? Shall I wait for the bus to move off? Shall I overtake the cyclist?'

Ask the students to roleplay several turns round the circuit. While they are doing this, make adjustments to it, adding more hazards, eg a dog on the road, a crash etc.

Safe journey!

Simon Mumford
Izmir Turkey

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