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Make and Do Soap

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1. Structure a lesson and introduce std. to the different expressions with the verbs Do and Make. For instance, Do the washing up, do business, do your homework, or make your bed, make progress, make a call, etc.
2. Divide the class into 2 groups. Give each person in the class a special character. Tell them that each group much create a soap opera, and in the script they must include as many expressions with Do and Make as possible!
3. when they act out their soap, keep score of how many times they use Do and Make expressions. The soap opera cast who used the most expressions wins!

here are some ideas for characters that really get std. to use expressions with Make and Do:

The big boss
The nagging mom
The computer game addict son
The daughter who shops til she drops
The lazy cat
The drunk, visiting priest
The muscle guy
The know-it-all
The singing chef
The korny artist
The over-paid supermodel
My class is highly dramatic so we all laughed til we cried with this activity!

sandy in Lisbon

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