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Repeat after me game for preschoolers

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I use this technique for preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade students. I find that this works well every time. To get each child to repeat a word after me, instead of doing the boring "repeat after me" drill, I ask the students to listen and repeat the first word while I hold up an item/flashcard and say the word aloud. I then give that item to a child who repeated the word correctly. Almost every child ends up yelling every word out each time because they want to get something.

Then, after all items are distributed, I ask, "Who has the ___?" and they say I have the ___. or "Pass me the ___." and have the student give it back to me. You could also let them keep the item as a closing activity or reward at the end of class.

Since preschoolers get upset easily when they don't get an item, I first pass out a few items to the first few kids who repeat well, then I ignore the other students who've already received an item and go to the quiet ones or those who have not yet received an item, asking them to repeat the word for me before handing it to them. I always make sure each child gets an equal amount of items, that way no child feels left out.

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