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Spy Games

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This is mainly a writing activity, but involves conversation too.
Start by talking about spies. What are they? What do they do?
Then give out an assortment of questions and answers (need an even number of students). Each student must memorize their Q or A, then walk around the room quietly saying their part of the password until they meet their "contact". Make the passwords amusing to add interest and humor. E.g. Q: Have you ever been to the zoo? A: I live at the zoo in a monkey cage. Q: Are you wearing green socks today? A: All my green socks are at the library.
When a student finds their contact person, they sit down together and write a conversation between themselves and the other spy. The conversations can include things like: What's your mission? How will you do it? When? What will you need? Students can read their conversations to the class after the teacher has checked the grammar, wording, etc.

P.S. Hope you think it's a good recipe, and thanks for all the great ideas you put on your website. I've used many very successfully with my classes in Korea.
Laurie Flowers - Paju, Korea

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