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Hello all Reading Lovers,

The teacher selects a reading text, could be any text even academic. The text should consist of several paragraphs. If you have 16 students in class, then a text with 16 paragraphs is appropriate. If not, you can give each pair a paragraph to work on. Here is the procedure:

1. Each student or each pair draws a number from a bag. That number is the number of the paragraph that the student / pair needs to read.
2. Each student /pair reads the relevant paragraph.
3. After having read the paragraph students /pairs summarize the parapgraph on a slip of paper but do not write the paragraph number.
4. After summarizing the paragraphs, they stick them on the walls.
5. Now, everybody stands up and reads the summaries and matches them with the parapgraphs.
6. They only write the letter in front of the paragraphs in their books. E.g., 1- d

Hope your students will enjoy the activity.

Submitted by: Nazan Ozcinar
Sabanci University, Istanbul
Email: [email protected]

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