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Mahjong Bluffers

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Hi, I am an English instructor in a local institute in Korea.
I was frantically looking for games to play and keep the students speaking English, and I made this game up. This game is a brain teaser, and the purpose is to fing out who the winner of the game is, and what the rank is. So here goes.

Suzi, Soyoung, Jojo, and Eunji were playing mah-jong. By the end of the game, the four players came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. However, someone lost keeping track of the scores and nobody knows the score now. So, Thomas asked each of the players what they remember.

Suzi: I didn't come 1st place.

Soyoung: I lost to Eunji, but I defeated Jojo.

Jojo: I am definitely not the last place.

Eunji: The people who lost to me are two people, Suzi and Jojo.

Now one of these players are telling a lie, and its up to you to find who the liar is. Find out who the liar is! Additionally, what is their rank??

The trick is, you have to assume that each of the person is a liar one by one. For example, if you assume Suzi is the liar, then everyone else is telling the truth. Therefore, you must look if there is any contradiction. To make the long story short, the liar is Eunji, and their rank is: 1st Eunji, 2nd Soyoung, 3rd Jojo, 4th Suzi.

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