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Time wasters word darts - 2 ideas - no prep needed

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I made this up yesterday in a class for 14year olds, it worked just as well with the young class afterwards.

1st version. Roll the Dice.

Draw 3 massive circles on the board, one inside the other, then section of into maybe 30 segments, so you have what looks like a circular ring race track, with nothing in the middle.

On the outside set of segments, write letters in one colour, one to each segment. A, W, F, H..get the kids to call out letters so they don't get restless while you draw.
On the inner track, do the same but change the color of marker.

Start at the top and use a die roll and magnets to work your way around the outside of the alphabet track.
Kids have to think of the biggest word possible for that letter. So rabbit, will be 6 letters, 6 points.
Work with team A, team B, taking it in turns.

When they have completed one rotation of the circle, they can then move into the second colored level, but for double points.

Make it more interesting by adding stars, for double points or even triple on the more obscure letters.

The second version is similar, this time, sticky ball.
Like an alphabet dart board, segmented into thin pizza slices, then across to cut into 3. Single word score, the outer, double word score the middle and triple word scores nearest the centre.

Put a small 'miss a turn' circle in the centre to detract the boys from showing off by hitting the bullseye.


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