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Have you ever played that MASH activity as a kid? This activity surprising works really well in class, and especially with a class full of boys. You choose a student to participate. You then draw a box and put the MASH on the top. M stands for mansion, A stands for appartment, S stands for shack and H stands for house. Which means they will either live in a mansion, appartment, shack or house. Then, you put lines coming off the box, four spaces on each three sides. One side has numbers, low numbers because they stand for how many children they will have in the future. Then you on one side you put any cars they can think of. Then on the last side you put countries, which will be the place they will live in the future. You can also have them say four boys or girls names, which will be who they marry.

Then, you get the participant to close their eyes and tell you when to stop. You make a swirl in the middle of the box. Then, when they say stop, you count how many lines the swirl has. Say there were four lines, then you delete ever fourth thing (starting with M in MASH) until you get one of each. In the end you will tell them something like this ... you will live in a shack, have nine children, drive a limo and marry Naoko.
I hope my instructions are understandable.

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