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I hate teaching grammar to a group of 8 yo kids. They don't have enough analytical thinking to understand the rules. They always forget the rules of adding to be and -ing. But, I simply can't go away from this if I want them to survive in school. Whatever and however I explain the rules, they surely will forget it! I decided not to explain grammr using meaningless arguments for these kids. I expose them to the correct use of the tense, through a lot of games. No explanations at all. Just ask them to use the rules in games. One of their fav games is rearranging jumbled pieces of paper. One piece has one word. For example, 'Chintya is sleeping in the toilet.' has 7 pieces of paper, including period. Then I ask them to jumble the pieces and rearrange them in 15 seconds. They compete to do this. Then I ask them to move around and check their friends work. If they can find a mistake and be able to revise it, they will get score. There is always a debate between the writer who makes the mistake and the one who can spot it. I just let the debate go because this is the way they learn the rules through peer teaching. I just observe them having arguments each other about how to write arrange the sentences correctly.

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