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This one is really simple and a lot of fun - perfect for elementary schools. You will need a balloon. First, divide your class in half. Each half is a volleyball team. Explain to the students that they can at no time stand up. (It can get ugly if you let them do that) Throw the balloon volleyball into the court and the teams play volleyball until one team wins. The winning team chants the target question that you want to teach - For example, "what are they?" Then show a flashcard to the losing team, for example, a picture of socks. The losing team chants, "they are socks". The winning team has won that flashcard, so place it close to that team. Continue with all your flashcards. The team with the most flashcards at the end wins.

I work in a Japanese elementary school. I keep a blog of the activities that I do. It is

John Alexander. Mito Japan.

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