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Running around for Present Perfect

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OK, this is fun and will only take 5 minutes, and needs no preparation from the teacher!!! After you've explained how the present Perfect works, show your SS a list of tasks.e.g.:Putting 3 chairs upside down, opening the windows, collecting 10 coins, writing some sentences on the board, collecting some cell phones, etc,...they have to be tasks that can be done inside the class or school, you can also ask your SS for some suggestions.
Now dicide the class in pairs and tell pairs they'll have 1 minute to do the list of tasks, explain they must decide who's doing what. Set the time and everybody starts the race! After the minute yu say: Stop and now the SS have to say what they've been able to do:example; "WE have collected 7 cell phones, we have writen 2 sentences on the board, etc"
The group that completes the list of tasks is the winner....ENJOY!!!

Susana Castañeda
Lima, Peru

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