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The Red Balloon

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The Red Balloon (1956)

The Red Balloon is a beautiful wordless movie that won international awards when it was releasted.

As i noted in "The Black Stallion" submission, i am really into "wordless video". I think it has as much potential for TPRS storytelling strategies & writing strategies as "wordless picture books".
Strategies similar to those used with wordless books are effective with video as well. Here is a great site for that:

Teachers or students can use the video, pausing, discussing, reviewing and reflecting, to create student illustrated books of video. I use a pattern of students taking turns re-reading the writing previously generated, to get the most out of repetitive reading strategies, then proposing the next addition to the text.

But wordless video has an additional advantage. That is you can capture pictures from the video and generate illustrated pages for students to write the text to. This is especially easy if the video is in Quicktime format (that is you pause on the frame you want, point, click and drag the frame to the desktop will create a still). A still can generally be dropped into almost any word processor, at least on Macintosh, with pages of blank lines for the students to write.

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