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Let your students sit in a circle. The circle should consist of 5-8 people. It is nicer to play in a small group.
The first person will say any word he like such as "like" and the next person will continue with a new word that start with "e", then the next person continue. The person who cannot think of a word in a limited time has to accept penalty which is to be hit on the palm by all the people in the group.
You can make the game more difficult for higher level students such as forming four-letter word, words related to a topic, cannot repeat the words that have been used, and etc.
For lower ability children, you can give them a list of words to use or allow them to use their textbook to find words.
This is a good game as the students can learn the prounciation of the word, build up their vocabulary, and have a lot of fun. My students enjoy this game a lot especially they are doing the countdown for the person to accept penalty.
Hui Qin (Singapore)
Temporarily teacher of a group of korean children

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