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My adult students have been working on the short vowel sounds. When we covered "a", I had them make a list of all the short "a" words that they could come up with. We then put them on the board (with over 100 words). Their next task was the create short books using only short "a" words. They were allowed to use a few sight words, but the rest had to revolve around the sound of the letter "a".

For example: One student created a book about a cat named Tarzan. She wrote "Tarzan was at the park. Tarzan was sad. The park has trash. Tarazan cleans up. Tarzan takes a nap."

This was a fun way to work with short vowels, and a great tool for them to take home to work with their kids.

Note: This project works best if spread over a few days.

Jessica, Winston-Salem, NC

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