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Infinitely adjustable cards game 2

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This is the second variation on a game that I submitted.

This is what I usually do with the kids. I introduce new words, and use the letter cards to get them to spell the new words. If I haven't given them much time to absorb the spellings I write them on the board so they can see the spellings. Otherwise, let them try to remember how to spell the words and find each letter in order. Or, let them find the letters in any order.

Make sure they don't use the Z for N, etc. There are lots of instances where if you turn a letter sideways it looks just like another letter. Make sure they know which way the cards are supposed to be oriented.

I hang on to the letter cards to use over and over again.

I recently did this when I had only two students in class but it wasn't nearly as fun. I should have had them do it together against time but didn't think of it.

I'd love to get feedback and to learn more variations or other ideas for games and activities on applying lesson material.

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