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Infinitely adjustable cards game

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This game / activity works well with kids.

This is good for teaching the alphabet as well as for helping kids to remember spellings of words. It can be adapted easily to use for sentences. I'll write about these adaptations in the .1 and .2, and maybe .3 submissions.

I take scratch paper, fold and tear it to a small size so you get many small rectangles. Write a letter, either large or small case, or both, on each card. One side only. I use two sets, so I have 52 cards in one set.

I have two teams of kids and it doesn't matter too much if the numbers per group aren't equal. Give each team 52 cards. Scatter them on the floor or on a large table, ensuring that all the cards are face down.

Get the kids to find A first, then B, then C, and so on until Z. They love it. They really love it. You can have them go backwards from Z to A. Watch them go!

You can have as many teams as you want. Or kids can do this individually. But they love teams, and competition. (Honestly I don't like competition, but I don't have it in me to just tell them to race the clock. Try this alternative if you don't want to encourage competitiveness, anger, resentment and the other negative things that are enedmic to competition.)

One catch is that they must find the letters in order. And, the cards they turn over that aren't the card they're looking for, must be turned back down. Gotta keep on them about this one.

It just occured to me that this can be adapted to numbers as well. Numerals, is it? I don't mean 1, 2, and 3, but one, two, and three....

To keep this short I'll write about adaptations in the .1 and .2, and maybe .3 submissions.

Troy Santos
[email protected]
Jeju, South Korea

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