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Steal Switch Bust

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This is a great game that has gotten my Chinese middle school students more excited than any other we've played this term. My wife has also used it with her high school students and gotten the same results.

Basically I would divide my 60 student class into four teams and have one student from the first team come to the front of the room. I would ask them to spell a vocabulary word. If they spell it correctly they were awarded 2 points, tallied on the board. Then if they could correctly form a sentence using that word they could draw a card (piece of paper) from the Steal, Switch, or Bust Box (empty Kleenex box). Inside the box were numerous cards with various point values (1,3,5,8,10,12, and one for 20) and cards with the words Steal, Switch, and Bust. If they draw a Steal card they can steal any other team's points and add them to their own. If it's a Switch card, they switch with a team of their choosing. If it says Bust, they lose all their team's points.

I don't know if it's only Chinese students that feel this way, but what gets them most excited is giving the other teams the screw job.

Great game for large classes, and the kids love it!


Dalian, China

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