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Wacky Drawing Race

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I teach in Japan. This is a really great drawing/listening/racing game that hasn't failed me yet. It works with all levels. It's reminisicent of Pictionary, but without the guessing.

Also, this game is probably more suited for large classes because it generates a lot of laughter (and without it, it might not be as exciting) and class participation. So here we go:

1. Split the class into teams (usually by columns) and then you split the board according to the number of teams. Usually, with a large group of 35-40, there are about 6 groups.

2. Have the first person from each group come up.

3. Dictate a sentence (good for present progressive) such as "Mickey Mouse is playing the piano and singing a song." For good comedy value, make the sentence as "crazy" as possible.

4. Students draw the picture that you've dictated as fast as they can. Then award team points according to the order they finish (I usually do 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0).

5. After each round, to get the students more involved, we do a class vote for the "best/most interesting picture. I award this team 2 extra points.

6. Continue this until everyone in the group has participated.

7. Tally up the points and the team with the most teams is the winner!

This game is lots of fun and is guaranteed to get the kids laughing and yelling. It's great for listening comprehension (and you throw in grammar!) and students tend to be more relaxed because there isn't the pressure of being in the spotlight and having to "know the right answer." Plus, it's a race, so the pictures are meant to be messy/funny. Students love drawing, and they almost forget that they are listening to English! They also love seeing the silly pictures that their classmates draw.

You can also tweak this and make it a holiday game (Christmas: Santa is watching kendo and eating strawberry cake.)

And for those of you who plan entire lessons, this game takes about 20-25 minutes (with a group of about 35-40 students). ENJOY!!!

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