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Superlative Paper Airplanes

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This activity was inspired by the paper airplane games already posted in this idea cookbook, and is perfect for teaching superlatives in a very small class, 2 or 3 students.

Everyone makes a paper airplane, decoration is optional but a name helps. Get the students to throw their planes. Say an adjective, such as "hot". If there's 3 students, the plane closest to the teacher repeats "hot", next closest says "hotter", last student says "hottest". If there are only two students, the closest plane to the student says "hotter", last says "hottest". Make sure to mix easy and more difficult adjectives so the students understand that not all superlatives follow the "er, est" format. And remember, no superlative game is complete without mixing in "good, better, best".

Chris Mellon
Kingston, Ont. Canada
Teaching in Beijing

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