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Write the words you want your students to learn on the board, about 8 fo them. Ask students to repeat them. Wipe each word off the board with a separate piece of paper. Screw the each piece of paper into a ball and put it on your desk. After you clean the board each time, put the ball of paper next to the last one, so you have a line. Point to each ball and ask the students which word it represents.Do this everytime you add a ball.

When you have finished, point to the first one again and ask which word it represents, for example 'estimate'. Ask students what it means, then open the paper to reveal, as if by magic, the meaning: 'guess'! Do the same with all of the balls of paper. Of course, you prepared the papers before the lesson! NB number the words and papers to make sure you get the right ones!

Simon Mumford
Izmir Turkey

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