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Applying to schools game

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There aren't many games for education but my oral class really wanted to learn about it. So I made this one to help them understand how applying to schools is different in America. It takes a fair amount of prep work.
First, explain elementary school, middle school/junior high, and high school. Make sure to talk about private and public schools. Talk about private colleges, public universities, community college, financial aid, gpa, and SAT scores.
Next, make 5 slips of paper for people who will be recruiters from the following: public high school, private high school, private college, state university, and community college. On each slip mention the average gpa of applicants, average test scores, and tuition cost. Each school can only accept 3 or 4 people and give only one or two people financial aid. Not everybody should be able to get into their top choice or even into a college (public high school has no restriction on number of applicants). If you want, you can have a career-recruiter for people who didn't get into college.
For the rest of the class, make them slips of paper that say the following:
You are looking for (a college or high school)
You gpa is:
Your test score is:
You can pay ________ a year.
Make sure to vary the credentials. Some should have high gpas and test scores but no money, or high test scores and low gpa and can pay for any school, etc...

Mix them all up and have the students pick a slip. Don't tell the class who the representatives are. The recruiters must try to find the best students to attend their school. And the students must try to get into the best school that they can.
This can be modified for class sizes, best for 20-40 students. I recommend taking the slip for the private college or taking a student slip so you can interact with the students during the game.

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