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Touch-Back Tag Questions

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This game works well in my high school classes and is a fun way to teach students about tag questions like "It`s cold out today, isn`t it?", "You know that guy, don`t you?", "I am handsome, aren`t I?"
You need some space to play this one so you`ll have to move desks. First have the students pair off. Then show them how to play touch- back tag. This is the kind of tag where as soon as the person who is "it" touches someone, the person they touch tries to touch them back before they can pull away and run off. They continue back and forth like this. Because this kind of tag is quick it doesn`t involve a lot of running away from each other and it shifts directions a lot so it keeps students on their toes. Have the students do this for 30 seconds then yell "Stop!" The person who was tagged last has to ask their partner a tag question and the partner answers. Then they change partners and go another 30 second round. At the end of the game you can get involved for a 30 second round of regular tag and tag as many students as you can, after which they must ask you a tag question.

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