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You all know the classic word game--the one in which a player says any English word, and the next must think of another beginning with the previous word's final letter, and so on? Well, here's a variation:

Divide your class into even groups. (If one or more groups have one less or more members, have the team rotate ins and outs for each round.) Arrange them in circles, and appoint first players and the direction of play. Set a time limit, but allow winning teams that finish before the end of the limit. Explain they will play the word game as always, but must finish with a final word that starts with the first letter of the first word (the teacher can start by saying the first word). For example: boy>yellow>wind>dog>green>now>web, which begins and ends with 'b'.

It is challenging, forces students to dig up vocabulary from memory, and has the right amount of tension to make the game fun.

Depending on how much the students like it, play more rounds.

Tim Barton, Nagoya, Japan

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