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The Dating Game

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I teach English in China where my average class has 65+ students, so I have trouble getting all of them to pay attention. This game (though you should probably only do it once a semester) was amazing. Everyone was laughing and getting involved.

This is basically like the TV show from back in the day called "The Dating Game”. Find some way to divide the front of your classroom then bring up one boy or one girl (usually begin with a popular/outgoing student). Next, block their view of the classroom and ask for 3 people of the opposite sex. Often they won’t volunteer, but their friends will volunteer them. Make sure that they don’t yell names, because that would defeat the purpose. It may be best to keep the one students view of the classroom blocked so he/she doesn’t look for empty seats and figure out who is on the other side. Now you have the one student ask each of the other 3 several questions. At the end he/she must choose one to go on a “date” with. I found that they often couldn’t think of their own questions, so I provided a paper with some generic questions. Have fun with it. Because of the subject (dating) everyone in the class wants to hear the questions and answers. It works great!

If you have any questions, e-mail me at [email protected]

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