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Yet another version of Bingo! This one has really worked well with my middle school girl students, though, and the content is very useful anytime and at any level. Students can always use practice with making sentences and subject verb agreement. I think it helps with both speaking and reading:

First, students should be aware of subject and verb and agreement. I do a quick review by writing an example of a subject and a basic verb phrase "That girl/walk home" Then, I have students tell me this idea in sentence form in 3 different tenses. "That girl walks home. That girl is walking home. AND That girl walked home." I also draw a quick chart to remind them of subject/verb agreement and how to change the verb depending on WHEN the sentence happens. (2 column/2 row chart: top labels are "subject" and "verb" -- under "subject" I write "1" and under that "many" -- under "verb" I write "many" and under that "1" -- to show S-V agreement)

After this quick review, the students have a simple clear example on the board. Then, I draw the bingo grid (4*4 or any size) and put a subject/basic verb phrase combo in each square. EX: "I/be tired," "My friend/eat ice cream," "The old women/catch the bus" (teh students can copy the grid or just use the board -- depending on time) Students have to make ONE sentence with the S-V sets in the squares -- they can choose what tense and use examples from the review as a guide. Then, just like any Bingo game, when they have made sentences with four (for 4*4) squares in a line, they yell "BINGO!" I check the sentences to see if they have changed the verb correctly, and if correct, they get to go mark their line on the grid on the board. Once we have finished all bingo lines as a class, I get them to try for blackout (if there's time).

This works well for my classes because some of them are low-level. This exercise addresses a VERY important concept for learning and speaking English in a way that lower-level learners can participate but higher-level students also get valuable English practice and reinforcement. It can also be adapted easily.

East coast/S. Korea
girls middle school

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