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Everyone wants a chance to win the lottery. Here in Germany the biggest lottery pot was won this past Monday. To console my students (some of whom played but didn't win) I created this fun game to help them with their pronunciation. I teach one on one/very small groups and this game was created for 3 students. I think this would be heaps of fun for a larger group.

I gave each of my 3 students 4 tickets each to increase their chances of winning.

To save you the trouble, I have created all necessary printouts in .pdf format (including these instructions). If you are interested in the game, please Email me for the files at: belinda dot roozemond at gmail dot com (obviously without the spaces)

I would say that this game is appropriate for students levels low to high intermediate.

Instructions are as follows:

1)Explain that each word corresponds to a number in the list

2)Explain Point system:
2 for 1 correct numbers
5 for 2 correct numbers
10 for 3 correct numbers
50 for 4 correct numbers
500 for 5 correct numbers
1,000,00 for all 6

3)The Person READING gets the points based on others finding the words read. Thus, the better their pronunciation, the more likely others are to find correct numbers and win points for them.

4)Using the pre-set word combinations, give them to the Reader. Have them read the words until someone wins using the point scheme as outlined above.

5)The person with the most "money" at the end of the game wins. Obviously becoming a million euro winner is the aim.

This game is only a guide and this game can probably be adapted in many ways. Have fun and if you find errors please contact me using the above email.

Belinda in Germany

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