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Actually any subject would be of interest to the moderately skilled reader. I choose short mature articles on health, sex, music, contemporary culture, television, psychology and religion. You can find them in Google news or among the news for MSN, Netscape and Yahoo. These tracts are short enough for lessons. An article with a picture is always grabs their attention. Newspaper articles are very good because they usually come with a picture. The lower grade papers have more colloquial language in it. I usually make an overhead of both the picture and the article. This puts attention towards you, if you like that approach.

The lesson is made then my using the cognitive approach.

A. circle significant words
B. Use true or false questions based on each line. This is easy to do and easy to answer.
c. List vocabulary words
D. Have them read to each other after you model for pronunciation
E. For advanced: Have them write a short summary or commentary about what their opinion is on the subject matter.
Having related subject matter is important.
Sometimes I blacken significant words on a second copy and they must guess the word. This helps in memorization and seeing words in syntax. Now, the overhead is a very effective tool. You can create many effects, like blowing a picture up the size of the wall---or putting it on the ceiling for fun. Written work lie sentence completions or vocabulary blown up for full size on a wall locks in their attention. Do not use the OH too much. It makes too much a humming sound that is annoying. Otherwise, it is very helpful.

Bill Buonora Long Island NY

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