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Addams Family Hygiene Song

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Hello! and welcome to the Addams Family theme song with alternate lyrics for reminding little kids in ESL to cover their mouths as a courtesy to others. Whew! What a mouthful.

Little kids like to snap at the end of each phrase, since it is a little unusual. Some need help learning to snap. After we practice snapping, we learn the idiom "it's a snap" and then see how easy it is to learn this song and its message. By the way, my pre-K through gr 2 ESL learners break into the song whenever someone sneezes...

Cover your mouth! (snap, snap)
Cover your mouth! (snap, snap)
Whenever you cough, whenever you sneeze, Cover your mouth! (snap, snap)

That's all for now from Midland School #1 in Rochelle Park, NJ
---Nicoletta LaMarca Sacco

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