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I have found that using "I Have/ Who Has" loop games in my classroom have my students going wild and test scores have improved dramatically when implementing them as a review tool. I spent HOURS and HOURS writing these games by hand until I attended a conference and found an irreplaceable teaching tool. Visit and download the demo. You cannot go wrong with this affordable program.

Here is how simple it is:
1.) Type in your questions and answers. You can write the games in English, Spanish, French and German.
2.) If you desire, you can import graphics into the card game! 3.) Select the font style, color and size you wish to print in.
4.) Choose the card layout. Print 2-12 cards per page.
5.) Once you have created as many cards as you want to review...shuffle the deck until the game is as challenging and engaging as your students require.

Here is an example of a game (each of these would be written on one card).

I have Austin. Who has the capital of Iowa?
I have Des Moines. Who has the capital of Nebraska?
I have Licoln. Who has the capital of New Mexico?
I have Santa Fe. Who has the capital of Oregon?
I have Salem. Who has the capital of Georgia?
I have Altanta. Who has the capital of Texas?

At this point the first card answers the last cards the students have "closed the loop".

Enjoy this great game!

Amy Warner
Austin, TX.
[email protected]

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