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Hello everyone,

Here is a student centred activity for any reading text but the text needs to have enough paragraphs so that every student can ask questions about those paragraphs.

1. Each student gets a slip of paper with a question number written on it.
2. Whatever number is written on the student's slip, the student has to read that paragraph and prepare a question about that paragraph. If you do it this way, then the questions are in the same order as the information appears on the text. But if you wish the students to ask questions about different paragraphs , then students can draw numbers from a bag and work on that paragraph. This means that the number on the slip of paper does not correspond with the paragraph number.This also means that the questions are not in the same order the information in the text appears.
3. After each student has written his/her question on the slip of paper, the teacher checks whether the question is correct or not.
4. After the teacher has checked the question, the student puts his slip of paper on the floor.
5. When all the questions are on the floor, each student takes a piece of paper and answers each question one by one by standing up and getting the slip and answering it and putting it back to the floor so that other students can also answer it. the students have to write the answers in their notebooks.
6. The teacher could also set a time limit. All the questions are checked afterwards.

Good luck.
Nazan ÷zÁınar. Sabanci University, İstanbul, Turkey
email: [email protected]

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