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Typhoon can be used to go-over any class work, or just for fun (e.g. how do you spell..., what is he capital city of...). It is a great time-killer.


1. Draw a grid on the board e.g 4 x 4.
2. Divide the class into two or more teams.
3. Draw 2 boats for 2 teams, 3 for 3 teams etc, nest to the grid. Ecah boat should have the team number on it.
3. Ask questions. e.g. How do you spell Introduction? What is the capital of China?
4. If a person gets it right. They can draw their team's boat in any square on he grid.
5. Occassionally a typhoon (tornado or anything else), comes along and sinks the boat. This is a good wya to even-up the scores.
6. The winning team has the most boats drawn on the board. Do not include those boats which have been sunk by the Typhoons.

*I have found this best for P3,4,5,6. The kids go mental!
** The more squares, the more time it takes to finish. Generally 4 x 5 = 30 mins or so.

Mat, Hong Kong.

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