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Level - Intermediate or Advanced Students
Time for activity - about 30 minutes
What this game teaches or practices: pronunciation and meaning of various occupations, asking questions, discussing advantages and disadvantages.

I use this activity when the textbook (i.e. New Interchange, Level 3, Unit 2) is on the topic of careers or jobs, and I choose occupations that are in the text (archaelogist, TV Journalist, Lawyer, etc.), but you could easily make a list of your own. I use 10 to 15 occupations, depending on the size of the class (you'll want to have 2 to 4 copies of each occupation).

1. First, we play hangman with each of the words. When each word is guessed, we review the pronunciation and meaning.

2. Second, I pin or tape a piece of paper, with the name of one of the occupations, on the back of each of the students. The student can't see the paper, and the other students aren't allowed to tell.

3. The student has to discover what his occupation is by going around the room and asking his classmates questions about the job. The rules are (I write rules on chalkboard) that he can only ask questions with a "yes" or "no" answer, and he can only ask each student one question -- thus forcing him to talk to different people and ask different questions.

4. Once most of the students have discovered their occupations, they form groups with other people with the same job. Then, they are to work together to make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of that particular job.

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