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There are a lot of games out there, but I've found the best games are ones that make the children laugh. And this game is funny!

Ok, so write on the board 2 boxes. One titled Questions and the other titled answers:
In the question box write: "I like" / "Can I have?"
In the answers box write: "No..."

Ok, so 2 people play at a time or can divide the class into groups, whatever.
So the asker can ask anything that is a "I like or can I have" question.
EG: I like chocolate

Now the other person answers: "The chocolate is rotten"

Then they can come back and say: "I like computers"

Answers: "There are no computers"

This can come in any form, but the point is, the person answering has to be creative in telling the questioner why he/she cant have what she likes or wants.

Great for english practice - And I made it up :)


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