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Kids love this 'game' I created using a posterboard, markers, recloseable paper holding rings, yarn, and a personal safety alarm.

First, there is the poster board with the answer choices: A, B, C, And D (you can also do True/False) or whatever format your current book uses for multiple choice answers.

Then, cut slits in the posterboard to allow the yarn and/or rings to stick out from the back. There is one slit at each answer choice, and one ring tied to the yarn sticks out of each slit. One of the yarn pieces is tied to the personal safety alarm (cost, $2.00 US) which goes off when the pin is removed. Yow! It's loud!! ^-^

We read the text, and when we get to question one, the first person to raise their hand can pull on the ring sticking out of the posterboard at their chosen answer choice. The correct answer screams with the alarm and the kids go crazy!! There's not much to the game, really, but the looks when they are wrong, or right!! It's just a perfect spice to a required day of textbook teaching.

Brook Snyder, Kimhae, South Korea

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