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This is a fun ice breaker I always use. It can also be used whenever the teacher needs to draw students' attention when theirs is lost.

This is an easy game in which nothing needs to be prepared in advance. Teacher needs to give instructions such as "Touch your ears", "Touch your mouth" etc, and students need follow the instructions by touching their own body parts mentioned with two index fingers. I usually mention facial features only. While teacher is giving instructions, s/he has to point to his/her particular body parts as well. After 4 to 5 instructions, suddenly teacher will say one body part but point to another to confuse the students. The confusion will make a big laugh in class and students will all be awake. Then, you can continue with your lesson with a pleasant atmosphere. Hope it helps you.

This game can be more challenging and exciting with an increasing speed of the instructions.

WONG Wai Tung, Tom
Hong Kong, China

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