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Picture Bingo

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I read about this on the TPR web site but being in China it would have been a bit pricy to import.

The idea is a bingo board with pictures, instead of calling "B7" you describe the picture. When one of the students wins they describe the pictures for the next game often I sit down and play with them, but I haven't won yet. This is the first game Iíve found that the students are excited to play.

I made my own board by using clip art downloaded from the web and pasting it into a 5x5 table. I print one sheet to cut up and use to call the game. Then you can use cut and past or drag and drop to move the pictures around to make different sheets. Pictures like a woman looking out a window, a boy playing basketball or since there is so much clip art out their games can be tailored to almost any category.

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