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Criminals in Class

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I did this activity with some English teachers in Fang Shan, China. 1. I gave the students some simple crime words and they had to look them up in their electronic dictionaries and act them out: car theif, murderer, kidnapper, bank robber, fraud specialist, arsonist, shoplifter.
2. The next day I taught them a few more criminal-type words: scar, tattoo (we drew them on each other with felts), and alias. I showed them a simple wanted poster I had made with the words "Wanted Dead or Alive" at the top, a simple head and profile drawing of a person, his/her name and alias, followed by a description, the crime he/she committed, where he/she was last seen and then instructions to phone the police if they were seen.
3. The students each chose someone in the class and created a poster about them, complete with alias and crime committed. We hung them in the hallway of the school!
4. The following day I staged a crime scene in the back of the class and had them write about what they saw and what happened.

I think the students enjoyed this and it can be simplified by using a template for younger students. There is lots of vocabulary to be taught this way.

Janet [email protected]
Langley, BC, CANADA

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